Post Project Review

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Answered by CEO Michelle van der Werff

Questions & Answers
  • What made you choose to work with us for your project?

The proposal provided all the solutions we were looking for and a very reasonable price.

  • How satisfied are you with the overall outcome of the project?

More than satisfied! The final product is absolutely amazing, works very well and allows us to manage everything ourselves.

  • Did the project meet your initial expectations?

Absolutely! In the beginning we were not sure if what we asked for was even possible. VIOV’s attitude that everything is possible has proven its right!

  • How would you rate the communication between team members during the project?

Very good. Instant replies and direct video support provided when needed.

  • Were project milestones and deadlines met to your satisfaction?

Yes! Even the last details have been delivered to perfection. The entire project took a little longer than expected, but while working on it, we all realized that the scope of it was a lot bigger than expected.

  • Did the project deliver the anticipated benefits?

It’s doing exactly what we were dreaming of it to do. All procedures are automated and streamlined, which makes it very easy to work with.

  • How would you rate the quality of work delivered by the project team?

Top-quality! We now have a completely customized system that we can manage ourselves.

  • Were your specific requirements and objectives addressed in the project?

All initial requirements and objectives have all been met.

  • Did the project team demonstrate a good understanding of your needs?

Very good understanding. And if things were not 100% clear, VIOV always asked for the details and thought along with the project.

  • How satisfied are you with the level of collaboration and cooperation within the project team?

Very satisfied. Great and easy way of communicating, fantastic support.

  • Did the project stay within the agreed-upon budget?

Yes! Even though there were a lot more hours made than initially predicted, the agreed-upon budget stayed as it was.

  • How well did the project team handle unexpected challenges or changes?

Hands-on, right on it. There was barely any time to really get stressed.

  • Were you kept informed about the project's progress throughout its duration?

Yes, we kept a good overview of the tasks done and still outstanding, and the expected timeline to deliver.

  • Did the project documentation meet your expectations?

Yes, all worked perfectly.

  • How responsive was the project team to your feedback and concerns?

Very responsive. Every comment or concern was taken into account and a solution was found for it. If something was really not possible, it was explained why and an alternative solution was provided.

  • How would you rate the overall project management and leadership?

10/10. We couldn’t be happier and are so proud of the product we have now!

  • Were the project objectives clearly defined from the beginning?

Yes, this was all clear from the beginning.

  • How satisfied are you with the post-project support and follow-up?

So far amazing. Any questions we have, we can ask. Any small things we encounter are solved right away.

  • Did the project team demonstrate a commitment to quality and attention to detail?

VIOV always looked for the best possible solution with the final customer in mind.

  • How likely are you to recommend this project team to others?

Very likely! It’s hard to find an IT team that’s that caring, responsive and delivers quality work.

  • How well did the project team address and resolve any conflicts or disagreements that arose during the project?

There were no conflicts. Feedback was provided regularly and solutions were provided in the moment.

  • Did the project meet the established quality standards?

Yes, it’s absolutely amazing. We couldn’t be happier and more satisfied.

  • How satisfied are you with the level of transparency in project decision-making processes?

All very clear. We, as the client, always had the last say, and professional advice was provided by VIOV.

  • How well did the project team incorporate your feedback and suggestions into the final deliverables?

Every detail has been taken into consideration. And there were a lot ;).

  • How would you rate the overall value for money in terms of the project's cost and the benefits received?

There’s no way we could have found a better value for money elsewhere. The professionalism and time that went into this project, we couldn’t have afforded if it wasn’t for VIOV.

  • Did the project team demonstrate flexibility in adapting to changes in project requirements?

Yes. Any feedback was listened to and acted upon.

  • To what extent did the project contribute to achieving your broader business or organizational goals?

Without this product, there’s simply no business. It’s the core of our business, and so far it’s performing exactly how we had envisioned it to perform.

  • Are there any particular aspects of your project that you're especially proud of?

The fact that this system is built from scratch, completely according to our ideas. VIOV has been able to translate any of our crazy thoughts into something tangible. We can now manage everything ourselves, without any of his involvement needed anymore.

  • What kind of assistance or guidance did you receive during the development process?

VIOV made it one of his goals to make sure that we understand every single part of the product. How it works, why processes are set up a certain way etc. He regularly jumped on a video call with us to show us around and let us play with it while giving his comments.

  • What suggestions do you have for improving future projects or the project management process?

Probably good to break up the project in smaller projects and quote on that. The initial hours in the proposal were far exceeded, which VIOV completely took on his account. When you break it up in smaller parts, there can be strict delivery moments and chances to evaluate. Eventually we had to focus on the minimum viable product to go live, which in the future can already be discussed from the start. Different release stages in a project of this size make sense and sets different expectations.